Anil Nayak

Background Information

Born                05 May 1992

                                    Sirsa, Haryana


    Sirsa, Haryana

Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter

Genres              Pop, Sufi rocks

Instruments      Vocal, Guitar

Year active       2014–present

Anil Nayak is a Indian singer-songwriter. He predominantly sings in Hindi and Punjabi.

Personal Life
Anil Nayak belong to Hindu family in Haryana, India. He was born 5 May 1993 in Sirsa, Haryana. Anil got married at the age of 18 year when he was studying in B.A. first year session. Anil has two children. He started song-writing in school time. Playing his guitar and singing was which soon turned into his passion and in your life in his the struggle and hard work, Nayak to become succeed. Anil Nayak with a simple personality continues to live an ordinary life. He speak the Hindi, Punjabi and Haryanvi. His complete B.A. graduate from Indira Gandhi National University, New Delhi.

Solo Career
His music started was from school life. He wanted become a songwriter. But Anil recorded his debut song, this song composed and written by him. Anil released was as a singer-songwriter and composer. Anil's music is the theoretical idea that music comes directly from his heart. Anil also writes lyrics of other singers as well. Anil recently two souls full cover version, Pee Jaun (cover) and Kash Yeh Pal Tham Jaaye (cover).

His songs available over the internet and check on SoundCloud Page. 
2017Pee Jauncover version
2018Kash Yeh Palcover version
2019Roiyaancover version