Anil Nayak

Background Information

Native name       Anil Kumar

Born                   05 May 1992

                                 Sirsa, Haryana

Nationality          Indian


      Sirsa, Haryana

Musical Career

Occupation(s)      Singer-Lyricist

Genres                Pop-Sufi rock

Instruments        Vocal, Guitar

Year active          2014–present

Labels                 Nice Records

Anil Nayak is a Indian pop singer-songwriter, lyricist, musician and model. He predominantly sings in Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanavi and Urdu.

Personal Life
Anil Nayak belong to Hindu family in Haryana, India. He was born 5 May 1993 in Sirsa, Haryana, India. Anil got married at the age of 18 year when he student of first year session in graduation. Anil has two children. His graduated in Bachelor of Arts degree and Now his studying in P.G.D.C.A. degree from Indira Gandhi National University. But after graduation he got a job in a bank and also continuing his musical career. He started his musical journey by writing songs in the school class rooms.

Anil wanted become a lyricist but later became very interested in the guitar he started learning Guitar online. After becoming able to play guitar and make music. he started covering famous songs on YouTube and gathered a lot of attention there. Playing his guitar and singing was which soon turned into his passion and in own life in his the struggle and hard work, Anil succeed as a independent artist songwriter-musician in music industry. Anil Nayak is not related to musical family. Right now Anil is pursuing his music career as well as a bank job and his further studies and school teaching both of you children as well. Anil Nayak is also poster and website designer. He also designed the poster and developed personal website himself. Anil Nayak with a simple personality continues to live an ordinary life. He speak the Hindi, Punjabi and Haryanvi.

Solo Career
His music career start from some cover versions. his career commencement as a songwriter, composer and vocalist on the songs Woh Ajnabi & Maaye Ni. (coming soon Versions). This both songs & many more composed/lyrics by himself.Anil released was as a singer-songwriter and composer. Anil's music is the theoretical idea that music comes directly from his heart. Anil likes that writes and composes his own songs. His recently two souls full cover version, Pee Jaun (cover) and Kash Yeh Pal Tham Jaaye (cover).

2017 Pee Jaun (cover version)Na
2018 Kash Yeh Pal (cover version)Na
2019 Roiyaan (cover version)Na

Physical Appearance
His height approximately 5’ 10″ inches and weighs around 73 kg. his got Average Build. his got Black eyes and Black hair. Dark their skin color.

Preferred things
His color like that black and white, golden, red and sky-blue and indian army color. His accessory in sunglasses, wrist watch, professional tie-belt, shoe and casual dress, his favorite also Indian white or black pajama kurta look and Indian Army uniform. his food is Haryanvi or Punjabi prefer desi thani with lassi.

Inspirational Soul
He considers his parents, his son (when son aged 2rd year, then follow him) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Raja Ashoka as his most biggest inspiration. He was impressed by the voices of Atif Aslam, Kumar Sanu, K.K. and the songs of Jal The Band. Anil Nayak is very impressed by the way these humans think and work.

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